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(立式 - 对联)
  • Item ID:           200-103-1001
  • Name:              Open Minded
  • material::      Chinese Rice Paper
  •  Size/piece:    153 x 42cm (60” x 16”)
  • Specification : Unmounted original artwork
  • Artist:                Mr. Sanran 
  • 藏品编号:   200-103-1001
  • 藏品名稱:雅琴飞白雪 高论横青云
  • 材料:        中囯宣紙
  • 尺寸:           153 x 42厘米 (60” x 16” 英寸)
  • 规格 :          未表装的原始作品
  • 艺术家:   三然先生
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The artistic conception of the sound of a musical instrument is as elegant as the flying snow.


The broad and profound thoughts of the article can accommodate the blue sky and white clouds.