Qing Dynasty  - The Ancient Coins of the Ten Emperors 
清代- 十大皇帝古錢幣

Collection Introduction

The top ten emperors of the Qing Dynasty created coins coined during the reign of the ten emperors after the Qing Dynasty entered the customs. Shunzhi Tongbao: (AD 1644) Kangxi Tongbao: (AD 1662) Yongzheng Tongbao: (AD 1723) Qianlong Tongbao: (AD 1736) Jiaqing Tongbao: (AD 1796) Daoguang Tongbao: ( 1821 AD) Xianfeng Tongbao: (AD 1851) Tongzhi Tongbao: (AD 1862) Guangxu Tongbao: (AD 1875) Xuantong Tongbao: (AD 1909) Ten emperors of the Qing Dynasty at the beginning to the end of the Qing Dynasty There are ten portraits of each emperor's portrait and each emperor's currency in circulation. Due to the large annual span and small circulation, it is now rare to be fully handed down. Therefore, it is deeply valued and is one of the most valuable commemorative coins in coins.


清代十大皇帝古創造出自成體系為清朝入關後的十位皇帝在位期間所鑄的錢幣。順治通寶:(公元1644年)康熙通寶:(公元1662年) 雍正通寶:(公元1723年)乾隆通寶:(公元1736年)嘉慶通寶:(公元1796年)道光通寶:(公元1821年)咸豐通寶:(公元1851年)同治通寶:(公元1862年)光緒通寶:(公元1875年)宣統通寶:(公元1909)清朝初到末年大清十位皇帝在位 每位皇帝的畫像及每位皇帝的流通幣一枚,共有十枚。由於年度跨度大,發行量少,如今完整傳世已經稀少.所以價值深厚,是錢幣中最有價值的紀念幣之一。

  • Item ID: 100-102-0001
  • The ancient coins of the ten emperors of the Qing Dynasty
  • China Qing Dynasty - Qianlong - year 1711 to 1799
  • Quantity: 1 set original ancient coins included ten of Each emperor's portraits and ten coins minted during his tenure.
  • Standard Size/each piece :  Diameter 26-27mm                                                    Thickness 1.3-1.5mm
  • Original Ancient Coins: Ten Emperors of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong
  • 藏品编号: 100-102-0001
  • 清代十大皇帝古錢幣
  •  中国清代 - 1711年 to 1799年
  • 数量: 1 套, 包括十位皇帝的畫像及十位皇帝在位期間所鑄的流通錢幣共十枚
  • 藏品标准尺寸/每件:  直徑 26-2 7厘米
                                        厚度 1.3-1.5 厘米
  • 原件古錢幣:  順治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉慶、道光、咸豐、同治、光緒、宣統十帝